Observations of a Cobra PR Trooper

Hello! I am Cobra PR, Cobra Commander's personal PR representative and assistant. This is my personal blog about a variety of things, but mostly Cobra.

Here is some photographic documentation of my time/captivity at the Paramount Lot in Hollywood.  The Lot is rather large and is home to sound stages, standing sets, and office buildings.  It is like some terrible fortress keeping me trapped in here, but as far as fortresses go at least this one has a cafeteria, parks, and fountains. 

I have done the proper social game here on the Lot.  My superiors trust me and my coworkers are actually quite nice.  However, I cannot leave.  And the work has become so monotonous that I can’t imagine working one of these “normal” and “regular” jobs for much longer.  Plus, this heat wave!  How does any nation survive without having complete domination over the weather? 

I can’t wait to get home. 

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1 year ago

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